20 agosto 2011

There is something in that shadow. It's a new and pure kind of hope. Something so beautiful that hides from our clearly damaged minds in the back part of our believes. I'm speaking about fraternity. That word it's been vanishing from our reality. We live in an Era that values more an economic stability than happiness and identity. The economic subjugation it's a fact and I'm living harsh times. I have a computer, an external drive disk, two mobile phones (none is high-tech), clothes, books, a two music instruments (a flute and a didgeridoo). I have 21 years old. I've been in 6 countries. I worked in 5 different jobs and I'm in a middle of an engineering degree. I know how to do things. I know how too cook good stuff. And I write some bullshits in the internet.
But fuck I see people that have the double of my things. People that the uncle paid the drive licence and a car as a gift and complains that the fuel is expansive. My friends how many of you never worked in your life? Where is the fraternity in the strike of an unemployed for rights without have done nothing to achieve those rights. oh fuck this world. In an Era that I have friends across the world and I'm only 21, I'm seeing my country going down cause some "powerful" people decided our economics is junk.
Yesterday I herd a worker of a farm saying that thousands of kilos of fruit are being wasted in the floor cause they are in the floor and some guys decided that we (Europe) have norms for food. And than I go to the supermarket and I see people asking for food to give to the poor people. And I, as a good citizen, with a coin in my pocket, I pay 500g of pasta.
My friends there is nothing wrong in complain for better rights and a better life. But do your self a favor DO SOMETHING.