30 agosto 2010

I've been complaining about the work and not interesting people I've met here in Sines. Or the way that my back hurts because my bed is so so good for it...
In the end I've to realize that I really met some interesting people. Michaela (I don´t know how to write her name) and Seny (again) two Romanian girls that worked with me this summer. They are the most worker people that I can met in my all life time. Seny is 24 years old its crazy (enough) and it's been wonderful to work with her. Michaela is almost a workaholic, dedicated mother and wife. She is so humble and sympathetic that makes me feel really proud of meeting her. An other person that worked with me is Mário, He teach me all that I know about restaurants and today I can serve people like ministers. Not that ministers are more than other people but it's just an example.
Another thing I have to value it's Morgavel beach and it sunset over the sea. It's just gorgeous that orange sky and the red sea aawww!

An I don't want to continue this text. Maybe later.
[Sorry about the possible (probable) errors]

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